LeClaire Hall/Higgins Hall Groundbreaking


St. 竞技宝app下载安装10月公布了计划. 7 for an $8 million renovation that will transform the second-oldest building on campus into the Higgins Hall for Innovation and Human-Centered Design.

Facilitated in part by a significant donation from SAU alumnus and trustee Tom Higgins '67, near-total interior renovation of the 105-year-old building long known as LeClaire Hall will begin in the spring of 2022, with an anticipated re-opening in Fall 2023. 阅读OurQuadCities的新闻报道.com

Once completed, building will feature five modern 教室s and more than 20 offices. 它最初将安置圣. 竞技宝app下载安装 社会工作学院, 以人为本的护理研究所公共卫生硕士 程序.
The announcement follows by less than a week the inauguration of St. 竞技宝app下载安装总裁艾米·诺瓦克博士. The announced plan puts her inaugural themes of inclusivity and innovation into action by imagining new means of reaching and teaching the next generation of learners, and by enlisting the varied and individualized ways those students process information.

"What Tom is envisioning is how we more intentionally provide support services and a holistic experience for students in all disciplines on our campus," Dr. 诺瓦克说. "If we're looking at the future of higher education, it rests with how we know a student best. Can we create a customized experience by recognizing their strengths, 他们脆弱的地方, 了解他们的学习方式? Can we deliver a tailored learning experience?"

A previous $1 million donation from Higgins led to the creation of the MPH 程序 和 IPCC, both of 哪一个 debuted in the fall of 2017 and currently are based at the 健康科学教育中心 在朗伯德街. Higgins also contributed funding that helped the 社会工作学院 add a 社会工作学士 degree to a master's 程序 that began in 1995.

Higgins Hall of Innovation and Human-Centered Design

Concept drawings of a portion of the building's interior show a small lecture hall that incorporates the building's 105-year-old elevated track.

Advancing a mode of healthcare delivery designed to meet the needs of a patient 和ir family has been a passion for Higgins 在他的职业生涯中. That includes chairing the Iowa General Assembly's Health and Human Services Committee while serving three terms in elected office less than a decade beyond his St. 竞技宝app下载安装毕业. He later worked in President Jimmy Carter's administration, starting as a senior executive in the U.S. 卫生与公众服务部. 在卡特任期结束时, Higgins was a senior White House aide with an office directly above the Oval Office.

Higgins also headed the Department of Health and Social Services for Portland, Oregon; started a weekly national 新闻paper covering nationwide health 新闻 and trends; served as vice president for Maryland's largest health insurance provider; and founded Prosetta Biosciences Inc.

Along the way, he became a strong advocate for person-centered healthcare practice.

The Higgins Hall for Innovation and Human-Centered Design will build upon the IPCC's foundational mission to create a more collaborative approach to treating the "whole person." Higgins said the Human-Centered Design concept ultimately could be built into the curricula of such SAU 程序s as 工程教育计算机科学 还有很多项目 商学院.

在加州的一次会议上. 诺瓦克从圣. 竞技宝app下载安装, Higgins was pleased to learn his values and vision for the future of Higgins Hall and St. 竞技宝app下载安装 were fully aligned with those of the incoming president.

"I would say we had an immediate meeting of the minds," Higgins said. "She put a particular emphasis on human-centered design, 哪一个, 当然, 非常适合以人为本的护理. More to the point, she has a vision for St. 竞技宝app下载安装 to produce graduates who can really help in the transformation of our economy 和 nature of work and service in that economy."

诺瓦克说 Higgins' keen understanding of the university's core mission values and support for incorporating those into preparing St. 竞技宝app下载安装 graduates to lead in the modern workforce will be invaluable assets in growing innovation and inclusiveness at SAU.

Higgins' gift toward the renovation of LeClaire Hall was approved more than two years ago by former President Joan Lescinski, CSJ, 博士'21(荣誉.)及内阁.

Design of the new interior was done by Studio 483 Architects. Estes Construction will be the lead contractor.



St. 竞技宝app下载安装 announces groundbreaking on hall focused on human-centered design (调度/阿)

St. 竞技宝app下载安装 holds groundbreaking for $8M transformation of 105-year-old LeClaire Hall (OurQuadCities.com)


Addy Nelson ’23 was born with an entrepreneur’s spirit. With her parents owning the bowling alley in her hometown of Gregory, South Dakota—the same place she perfected her game to earn a scholarship to St. 竞技宝app下载安装—she learned early to be innovative, customer-focused and business-minded.


麦琪(凡尔登)伯纳特'15 ','16 MOT

在SAU,努力工作=认可. Here is a list of full-time students who were named to the St. 竞技宝app下载安装 Dean's List for the Fall 2023 term. 这些学生的平均成绩是3分.5或更高(在4.0规模).



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