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Vince Burke

Academic Excellence Is My Ambrosian Value

Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering , Class of 2001

"The faculty recognized that everyone has a different learning style and their accessibility was the differential factor for me. Their ability to guide and coach created a profound experience that helped me in my career."

Every student expects a profound education. We deliver on that promise. At SAU, engineering majors can pick a specialty: industrial or mechanical, or both, and graduate in as few as four years. Our state-of-art labs give you hands-on experience, and you'll gain even more during an internship. It is a strong curriculum, taught by dedicated faculty. Just ask Vince.


Vince interned at two local engineering firms. He was on-site and hands-on, which made him a stronger student and a stronger candidate. In fact, one of his placements led to a full-time job. "It was great to intern during my time at SAU because I could take that practical experience and work with professors back in the classroom, and vice versa. It helped me identify what was relevant and apply it." Today, Vince is the director of supply chain and quality systems at Genesis Systems Group, in Davenport, Iowa.

How do you use your liberal arts foundation?

Tied to Job

Engineers ask questions and seek the best solutions. Great engineers can explain and defend their position. At SAU, Vince's education required him to take classes unrelated to his major, yet he gained skills he takes to work every day. "A logic class was extremely helpful in teaching me to form and respond to arguments. It helped my ability to think through things objectively," he says.

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How do you incorporate the SAU mission of enriching lives into your work?

Engineering is a field of deep impact; it touches almost every aspect of our world. Our engineering majors realize the impact they can have as individuals, too. At St. Ambrose, students get many opportunities to serve. "I was strongly influenced by my time at SAU to be a part of the community and do good for others who are less fortunate," Vince says. "Genesis provides a lot of opportunities to work with area food banks, the United Way and many other charities. I take part in those activities."

Our Students Serve

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Can you assess the ultimate value of your SAU education?

"It is tied to the coursework and the ability to interact with professors in a small classroom environment and outside the classroom. During office hours you could have discussion with a professor, not just to ask for help solving a problem, but to talk about the work you are doing and how the class applies to the real world. It was tremendously beneficial."

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Do you recommend SAU?


"The curriculum is fantastic. I had an excellent experience with the faculty, and the entire Ambrose community is supportive of whatever you are majoring in and whatever you are working through. It is an exceptionally good environment for an education."

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